Drawing Plane

BIOSTTEK is the leading manufacturer of aluminum roofs. Our overarching goal is provide improved services with quality, speed and efficiency, and we believe that there are clear opportunities to achieve these goals.

We offer the highest quality product available in the market and additional services to provide comprehensive support to professionals. Biosttek has a Technical Department, a highly skilled team equipped with the most modern software and equipment, is responsible for developing appropriate solutions for every need. One of its functions is drawing plane to help the installation of the cover.

The graphical representation of a project is the drawing plane, exhaustively describing it to get a visual understanding of the whole. These plans include all necessary information to carry out the work object of the project in the most concrete possible way.

Our technicians will advise you on the most optimal design, technical solutions best suited to your technical requirement, and project development according to the characteristics of the installation area. This service is completely free and is included in all projects carried out by Biosttek.

If you have any questions or want to hire our services contact us through our contact form or call at (+34) 96 244 80 93

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