Structural design engineering service

The work done by the Technical Department of Biosttek has resulted in a new Structural Design Engineering Service.

Biosttek will prepare a report to demonstrate compliance with the ultimate and the serviceability limit state demanded by the latest regulation in force upon request.

The study shall be undertaken for a specific project and its components making a calculation of structural elements and design checks, taking into account its geographical location and the environmental conditions.

All customers can request the Structural Design Engineering Service in any case, either by will of the client or legal requirement. This report will be signed by our chartered Industrial Engineer which will certified that the structural design of the cover executed by Biosttek complies with current regulations.

Hiring the Structural Design Engineering the Service, furthermore the certification, the client would be able to carry out special and large-scale constructions projects and public works, our engineering department will be responsible for providing necessary technical documentation for that purpose.

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