Services Offered

BIOSTTEK is the leading manufacturer of aluminum roofs in Spain. We give to the customers the assurance that they are buying the best quality product available in the market and offer the best additional services to complement our products. BIOSTTEK additional services are designed to support professionals and end-customer. You will find hereunder some of our daily business at your service:


We aim to offer specific solutions for each need that arises during designing and installing Biosttek products. Contact us by phone during business hours (+34) 96 244 80 93 or fill out the form on the contact tab and we will contact you.

Our technical engineering department studies, develops and assess the best option for making your installation a success. They achieve the best manufacturing and disposal of our covers depending on the location of works and needs of our customers.

As we rely on actual measurements where the roof will be installed, we are able to develop the product adapting with angles, uneven walls and ground of the site maximizing the space to cover. And as an added value, we offer technical support to installers for an easy and faster assembly and installation.

We also offer advising and calculation of possible later works (glass walls, possible extensions, etc.). We distribute and mark the roof, indicating where and how to anchor support posts, axis arrangement of profiles, panel or glass plate sizes and final height. The professional will only takes care of the assembly. 

The great work done by our technical engineering department allows our customers and end consumers to obtain assurance of how the finished project will be; thus avoid unexpected problems in works and delays in project implementation.