Sliding Roofs SERIE-80

The SERIE-80, is a mobile roof with an innovative design profile for outputs of up to 7 meters without the need for reinforcements or intermediate structures for fastening.
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This profile of great robustness provides an opening of the roof of up to 80% thanks to its 5 lanes and a reinforced blanket that allows to support greater weight.

Roof prepared for glass, polycarbonate or sandwich panel, in addition to the possibility of incorporating led spotlights in the guide profiles, options that will adjust to the needs and tastes of the end customer.

Another feature of this cover are its structural profiles, available in different dimensions for the installation of glass curtains, which also guarantee the total safety of the structure without placing intermediate pillars thus offering large lights.

The Biosttek motorization system with steel ribbed toothed belt facilitates the correct dragging of glass plates of mobile roofs. This system achieves the adequate tension for a continuous sliding of the leaves, avoiding jerks and jumps. Its tubular motors of different powers are hidden in the blanket by extruded aluminum profiles of easy and quick assembly, which can incorporate sun-wind-rain sensors.

Likewise, with the system of framed plates of Biosttek a perfect sliding of the plates of glass is achieved, their needle bearings minimize friction and provide a smooth and silent movement helping to extend the useful life of the different components of the mobile roofs .

The SERIE-80 is manufactured with aluminum profiles of high quality alloy that offers magnificent mechanical performance and high resistance to corrosion, which together with the guarantee seals in the lacquer (Qualicoat), in anodized (Qualanod) and imitation wood (Qualideco) and the CE marking of all its components, make possible the maximum quality of the finished product with the Biosttek 5 year warranty.

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