Roofs for Terraces

If you want to cover your terrace, BIOSTTEK is the solution.  BIOSTTEK is the leading manufacturer of roofs for terraces. You can choose from various types of enclosures to cover your terrace: sliding roofs, fixed roofs, self-supporting roofs… With the highest value for your money of the market. The roofs for terraces of BIOSTTEK are highly customizable, adapting to the needs of each customer.

You can always ask for more information or ask any other question you may have. You just need to fill in the contact form. You can also call us at +34 96 244 80 93. We will be happy to help you. We offer our service in any place in Spain.

S-100 Glass Sliding Roof

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Sliding Roofs SERIE-80

The SERIE-80, is a mobile roof with an innovative design profile for outputs of up to 7 meters without the need for reinforcements or intermediate structures for fastening.
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Glass sliding roofs

50% - 66% - 75% Opening

Biosttek sliding roofs are the highest-end among the options we offer. In addition, they are the option with more durability and resistance of the market.
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Panel plate-polycarbonate sliding roofs

Panel plate or polycarbonate sliding roofs are a light and high quality option.
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Fixed Glass Roof

High quality sturdy roof, manufactured with structural profiles calculated according to dimensions, load glass and area to install.
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Polycarbonate Fixed Roof

Fixed panel or polycarbonate ceilings are a lightweight, high-quality option.
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Self-Supporting Fixed Roof

The self-supporting roofs are designed to gain useful meters of housing with total thermal and acoustic insulation.
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Veranda Awning

We offer top quality veranda awnings with tensioned canvas and the most complete on the market
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    In Biosttek,

    Manufacturer of aluminum roofs, we stand out for the high professionalism in our guild and for the long trajectory that supports our experience.

    In addition, we have an efficient and real business with which we offer our customer an excellent service and attention, attending to all their needs.

    Another of our added values ​​is the response and margin of action when delivering our orders, as we have a team of distributors that extend throughout the peninsula, to offer a faster and more comfortable service for all customers of any location.

    We are committed to quality and savoire faire (know-how), pioneers in cutting-edge technology. Each product is equipped with our Biosttek 100% guarantee for 5 years, designed with the utmost care by our team of engineers.

    Minimalist designs with elegant finishes, which at the same time do not lose a bit of functionality, always thinking about the satisfaction of our final customer and of course their safety and well-being.

    Because if we do not feel safe in our own home, where will we do it?