Training for installation of Biosttek product

BIOSTTEK is the leading manufacturer of aluminum roofs. We offer the highest quality product available in the market and additional services to provide comprehensive support to professionals and final customer. We offer solutions that cover all the client´s needs.

A view to improving synergies among the professionals, a customer training to expand experience and understanding of the Biosttek product and application technology is available free of charge. This service is addressed to regular employed and self-employed persons.

Training is essential to meet the requirements and quality standards and to assist in optimum performance in Biosttek product installations. So we want to put all our resources and knowledge to improve the capacities of professionals.

For greater efficiency and effectiveness on the conducted work, we provide training to operators in all steps necessary for the correct installation of Biosttek products: measurement, manipulation of materials and procedures, implementation of working methods, surface preparation, and assembly, sealed, fixing and finishing tasks.

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