5 Advantages of sliding roofs

Today’s post is dedicated to highlight the many advantages of sliding roofs. Sliding roofs are remarkable because conceptually are like a canopy but with total luminosity, water tightness and insulation. If you’re looking to build a space that easily opens and closes, to provide light and aesthetically pleasing, the sliding roof is the solution.   Advantages of sliding roofs: 1.- Compared to other roofs which have very accurate measurements, sliding roofs does not have limitation regarding size, space or surface. Those roofs can be placed almost any area and always perfectly intergraded. 2.- These roofs are waterproof, so is possible to have electronic equipment, furniture or any type of objects sensitive to water and humidity without fear of a nasty surprise due to bad weather. 3.- The sliding roofs are perfect for those who have a porch and want to enjoy it and open whenever they want (like in summer) without reducing the light or comfort. 4.- Is the perfect choice for professionals in the hospitality industry who need a space to accommodate smoking customers, or to close a terrace as extension of your business (cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, cottages), the sliding roof is easy to assemble and disassemble. 5.- For sports facilities like swimming pools, camping, tennis, etc. If you want to have a multipurpose space that can be used throughout the year, mobile roofs have superior performance to other materials, such as awnings, as they provide sealing, insulation and light. The roofs are supported by a structure of columns and beams in aluminum or steel which also provides the robustness required for an integral project of glazing.

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