Aluminum Pergolas

Pergolas made in aluminium are very strong, lightweight and inexpensive. Pergolas are perfect to enjoy a good time outdoors and protect you from the sun on hot days. If you’re considering buying a pergola note that aluminum has the following advantages:

  • Lightweight: aluminum pergolas are lighter than wooden pergolas or steel, easy to mount and handy
  • Resistance: aluminium pergolas are resistant to sun and humidity
  • Maintenance: aluminum pergolas do not require a complex maintenance, in fact, is minimal compared to wooden pergolas, for being so resistant to fading, do not rot or have problems with mold or insects that often attack wood.
  • Assembling: aluminium pergolas are very easy to assemble or add elements such as shutters, hanging baskets, curtains and other decorations.
  • Variety of designs: This type of pergolas can have a minimalist, modern, classic design …

These two styles of different pergolas will give you an idea when choosing one for your home:

  • Minimalist: It is modern and spectacular, combines straight lines and/or asymmetry, always well-balanced design. Spacious and simple, perfect for modern homes.
  • Art Deco: these pergolas are original and stylish and usually have a round shape, perfect for use as either a terrace or arbor. Furthermore, these types of beautiful pergolas are also used for weddings and outdoor events.

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