Closing off a small terraces

Biosttek offers the possibility of having larger homes just installing an aluminium enclosure (with glass /polycarbonate / sandwich panel) to get extra square meters. You can have a new covered space enabled, so everyone can enjoy regardless of the weather stations to do.  You can decorate with a variety of styles and elements that reflects your personality.

A glass roof terrace is quickly becoming a “must have” in the home improvement space. Today we give you some ideas on how to decorate small terraces and enjoy a cozy space.

Based on your personal preference and stile of your home, or creating a new space with a totally different decor, choosing for traditional styles as the Mediterranean with white and warm shades, minimalistic, original and comfortable decor, or rustic style taking care of all details and furniture, you´ll get the best space to enjoy and relax. Finally, add a few plants and other decorative elements as carpets that complement spaces by contributing color.

It is necessary to clearly define what use the room will have; you are creating a new space and decoration will be the key to its success.

This is just a little help to awaken your imagination to take the most of your small terrace! Learn more in our web about aluminium roofs and enjoy your terrace every single day!<

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