Enjoy the sun even in the win

Autumn has arrived and with it, cold and rain. Winter is fast approaching and all those lucky enough to have an open terrace at home will be deprived of use it. Biosttek have the solution for you to enjoy your terrace all year round, an aluminum cover. Aluminum roofs have many qualities: durability, require minimal maintenance and are very easy to install. They also give added value to your home. You will be able to expand spaces in your home with quality finishes and minimal investment, adjusted exactly to your requirements. Installation does not require any work and is very easy cleaning: soap and water with a soft brush or cleaning cloth, it is all you need to make it clean and bright as new.  For easy cleaning, covers are specially angled. Biosttek roofs are highly customizable, adjusted to specific needs of every client. Apart from allowing a wide variety of combinations of measures, finishes and colors, can also be the solution to the distribution of spaces. Biosttek sliding roofs drive can be manual or motorized:

  • Fixed panel or polycarbonate roofs are lightweight and ensure quality and great value for money. They are designed for the partial coverage and isolation of terraces.
  • Sliding panel or polycarbonate roofs are a great option to adapt the space to weather conditions, open the roof to sunlight or close it when cold or rain outside.
  • Self-supporting roofs system is made of panels of poly-styrene foam covered with aluminum sheet. It is very easy and quick to install thanks to its very low weight and easy cutting and handling.  The installer mounts in a very little time a cover with all guarantees and maintenance-free.

Now you know!!  Choose the option that best suits you needs!</sp

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