How to decorate your terrace

This week we give you some tips to decorate your terrace so you can enjoy the good outdoor weather with your family and friends. Firstly it is important to create a good stylish ambient lighting. Putting torches o lighting some plants from the bottom will provide a point of indirect light and give you a chic touch to the terrace. To give a cozier feel you can add natural or artificial grass, if you already have it, place white stones around the plants and trees planted in grass. Is very important to choose the most appropriate furniture for your terrace; we recommend wood or wicker that will bring warmth to the sunlit areas. You should also include a shaded area to create a dining or living on the outside. You can bet on installing a glass wall, so you can enjoy the garden or terrace all year around. Pergolas are also ideal for this area and can be covered with vines or climber plants. Regarding the plants to choose for the garden, it is important to get them together to harmonize their shapes and colors with the landscape. Also keep in mind the light need it in order to place them correctly in the garden. Finally, the water is another decorative element that adds distinction to your garden or terrace. A water fountain or water curtain are the best option to give a touch of sophistication to your garden. The water falling is refreshing and has a very relaxing sound.

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