Keep your veranda inviting all year long

Your veranda should be an inviting place where you can entertain friends and family. How you decorate this space will depend on your personal taste and the resources you have.

Whichever style you choose, you will need to maintain this space with periodic cleanings, protecting the furniture, and keeping plants trimmed and healthy. If you live in an area that experiences seasonal weather, storing chair and lounge cushions, covering wood or metal furniture, and keeping the space clear of snow and other debris is very important if you want to enjoy your veranda year after year. Below you will find tips and advice on keep your veranda inviting all year long:

  • The furniture you choose for the veranda should be comfortable and sturdy. Aluminium is beautiful to look at, durable in most weather conditions, and is very comfortable for sitting. Chairs, picnic tables, and lounge sets are available in aluminium and also in wood and other materials.
  •  The reasons why aluminium is a great choice for a veranda is unlike woods, you don´t have to apply sealant that helps protect its buttery color; you can leave the aluminium untreated and is also easy to clean. Either way, your furniture will always look warm and inviting.
  •  Big cushions stuffed with goose down or heavy cotton is best when trying to create a cozy space. Buy cushions that have a waterproof treatment or sealant to help prevent damage and make sure cushions have a removable shell for easy cleaning. Always store the cushions in a dry area when winter comes to prevent mold.
  • While you can choose any color scheme you want when decorating your veranda, in order to create a comfortable, warm place to have a conversation or relax with a good book, the color scheme should be consistent throughout. You can mix colors, but make sure that you use splashes of color to tie the space together.
  • Hearty plants like vines, large palms, and flowered plants can help make the veranda look even more beautiful. Plants that can survive through the changing seasons are best, but if you want use more delicate plants, you will have to bring them indoors once the temperature drops. Place plants strategically around the veranda and don’t overcrowd the space.

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