Motorized sliding glass roof 75% and 80% opening

BIOSTTEK, recognized leader in the manufacturing of quality aluminium roofing systems presents its star product: MOTORIZED SLIDING GLASS ROOF 75% AND 80% OPENING

GLASS: Glasses for such ceilings can be of different thicknesses and characteristics: Laminated 3 + 3 or 4 + 4 (transparent, translucent or solar control); or combination of 4mm tempered glass (with or without solar control) air chamber / 6mm / laminated 3 + 3 (translucent or transparent).

DIMENSIONS: WIDTH measurement has no limitation and the PROJECTION measurement of 7000mm. The structure makes it possible to create large spaces WITHOUT ANNOYING INTERMEDIATE POST.

THE FINISHED options are: all colors of the RAL and future RAL, anodized and imitation wood.

For more information or request a quote, please contact our office by phone: 96 244 8093 or email:

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