Apuesta por los cerramientos de aluminio de Biosttek

Penthouse enclosures, less use of energy saves mo

Place an enclosure on a terrace will help to heat the house in winter. The enclosure will act as thermal barrier. During the winter the sun will warm the room and during the summer days the panels can be opened to let air circulation. This way you´ll enjoy the terrace every day of the year. The glazed terrace of the penthouse has the following advantages:

  • Increase the home comfort
  • The property is revalued
  • Isolate from external agents
  • Reduce the theft risk
  • Safe and easy cleaning from the inside
  • Increase the temperature in winter
  • Total air ventilation in summer
  • Do not alter the view from inside the house

We hope these tip will help you make a decision and get an extra space installing an enclosure and a Biosttek roof.

We offer all kinds of solutions to make the most of your space and a wide range of products to meet your needs.<

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