The best roof to cover all kind of terrac

We are going to talk about the advantages of covering a terrace with an aluminium glass roof; you will discover why it is the best alternative for it.

The watertight enclosure keeps the temperature, so less energy is required to acclimatizing the zone and also gets the sunlight, inexhaustible source, free, fair and cost-effectively, which is a huge energy savings.

 In addition, the aluminium glass roof, bring light into your home, isolate acoustically and property value increase as maximizes square footage.

Biosttek give you the option of installing a fixed or sliding glass roof. Fixed glass roofs are more common in small terraces, while the sliding glass roofs are installed on larger terraces.

Open up the entire sliding glass roof to the outdoors, delivering a constantly changing environment at the touch of a button or manually by means of a spindle.

Both aluminium roofs are highly customizable to suit the needs of each customer in terms of sizes, materials and colors, and only need an annual cleanup for good maintenance.

To fully enjoy the terrace, you should take into account if the orientation of the terrace is suitable for the reform, depending on where we are located and the weather in the area. In cold and rainy weather areas, southern orientation is suitable because we can have more heat and sunlight for longer hours. In warmer areas the north-facing terrace is recommended, thus avoiding accumulates heat during the day. However, if you live in a warm area and your terrace is oriented towards the south, Biosttek have several possibilities to close it and will always be a good decision.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for a free no-obligation quote and enjoy you terrace and Biosttek roofing systems now!<

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