Ways to save electricity at home

Proper lighting is essential at home, but we must enhance natural light because each time we have to deal with higher costs of electricity. Gas and electricity consumption increases in winter the due to the use of heating, Biosttek wants to give you some easy recommendations to save electricity at home:

  1. Change the contracted power according to the needs of your home
  2.  If you want to get control of your electricity bill, start by turning off lights that are not needed
  3. Whenever possible unplug everything that you are not using
  4. Use less hot water taking short showers or use cold water where possible for laundry washing
  5. Reduce excessive heating or cooling. Space heating in winter is a big “guzzler”, and the same for summer cooling. Use localized equipment rather than central air conditioning or heating systems, and only heat or cool occupied rooms
  6. Put in curtains and carpets in winter to eliminate cold spots
  7. Replace traditional light bulbs with energy saving bulbs or LED
  8. Insulate your home from possible air leaks in windows, doors and even exhaust or ventilation ducts
  9. Use the right temperature for heating and air cooling
  10. Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposables

In addition to energy saving, LED lighting will provide to you a nice, relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

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