Why roofing systems by BIOSTTEK?

Biosttek Roofing Systems are designed to cover quickly and easily terraces, patios and recreational areas integrating into the environment with high-end finish.

Avoid major reforms and building permits and get a rapid project execution.

With Biosttek Roofing Systems enjoy the sun on spring days and protect your terrace from rain and wind.

Fully removable cover is the best option for changing spaces in private buildings or public places such public buildings.

Cover completely removable, ideal for changing spaces in private buildings or public places such as public buildings.

Expand and modify the spaces and discover a world designed for your comfort with Biosttek Roofing Systems.  You can use them all year round!!

In response to the questionnaire carried out by Biosttek to several professionals, installers and users of our products, we had the following answers to the question: Why Biosttek?

1-    The office staff is always willing to give a rapid response, they are efficient processing of enquiries and quotations.

2-    For its counseling and immediate availability of its technical department.

3-    The drawings made by the technical department makes the installer´s work easier avoiding mistakes for a quick and easy assembly.

4-    For its rapid manufacture in 2-3 weeks and delivery.

5-    I like Biosttek for its design and ruggedness but also its lightness, making a perfect assembly of all parts without gaps or forced pieces.

6-    The high quality features of the profiles and accessories from Biosttek optimize the finishing compared to other manufacturers.

7-    The product quality guarantee of Biosttek products represents a good value for money. They work the aluminium with hand tools, making all the necessary parts for an excellent finish and taking care of the details.

8-    I choose Biosttek for its perimeter plate and sliding wheel guide systems. Most of the manufacturers operate by friction; the sliding wheel guide system improves the operation of the roof, highly suitable for the exposure to weather elements and use over a longer period without problems.

9-    The motorization system and double drive belt by Biosttek makes easier pulling the weight of the roof avoiding mismatch in the movement of the plates. In addition to this, with the heads of profile guide I can quickly change and adjust the belts.

10-   I like the plate crossing  system by Biosttek, top and drive profiles are made from metal, much better than those from other manufacturers of plastic.

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