Why should I buy a sliding roof manufactured by Biosttek?

This post contains information about sliding roofs manufactured by our company, there are several reasons to have one at home, for those having a terrace o living in a villa all over the year.

There is a wide variety of finishes to choose for a sliding roof: the surface can be made of polycarbonate, or glass panel, and its opening can be manual spindle / pole or motorized. It also has a wide range of colors for profiles that can be anodized and its advantages thermal insulation and resistance is.

First of all, sliding roof has a wide range of finishes so that you can choose the roof that best meets your project needs made up of different materials: polycarbonate, aluminium or glass and can be manual opening with a pole or spindle, or motorized. It also has a wide range of colors for profiles that can be anodized. High thermal insulation and good resistance are among its great strengths.

Enjoy a pleasant summer evening or autumn evening watching the leaves fall and be free from possible concerns about potential weather changes. A rain, sun and/or wind sensor can be incorporated to the motorized system.

In short, a low cost alternative to enlarge your space, protection from the weather outside without renouncing to stay and appreciate the views offered by the outdoors.

For more information, please contact us and we will inform you in detail all the features of our services and products</

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