10 reasons to install enclosures for hoste

Today we’ll give you ten reasons why our enclosures for hostelry are a great investment:

  1. Profitable investment: suitable for your business to yield a profit throughout the year; it does not only help to create a more comfortable environment but also allows enjoying the terrace without depending on weather conditions.
  2. Protection and isolation: In winter shelter from the cold and isolated from sweltering summer. Fully compatible with ventilation and heating systems, so you suit your needs and those of your customers.
  3.  Energy saving: Enclosures for bar and restaurant terraces are tight, so keep the energy used to acclimate the premises.
  4. Design: You can change the distribution and size of your business just like you want it.
  5. Smoking zone: Many customers are forced to enter and leave the premises whenever they want to smoke, with the enclosures for bars and restaurants, they can have a smoking area without having neither too hot nor too cold.
  6. Minimum investment, maximum return: The investment will foster short term benefits, you will not regret it.
  7. Biosttek glass or polycarbonate sliding of fixed roof are fully customizable, so the premises will have an exclusive enclosure adapted to the image of your business.
  8. Biosttek self-supporting roof systems are interesting in terms of architectural integration, without implying a change or difference between spaces.
  9. Veranda awnings, domes, pyramids and pergolas are available in Biosttek with finishes and accessories that will help you create the perfect enclosure for your business.

 Biosttek offers you solutions whatever your needs, we will help you the make the right choice to make full use of space at your business<

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