8 Advantages of the Fixed Roof of Self-supporting Panel Sandwich

In this post we will highlight some of the main advantages of the Fixed Roof of Self-supporting Panel Sandwich. It is most recommended to cover spaces such as penthouses, patios, decks, porches, etc… And no need to fastening elements!

  1. It is a quick and easy material to install: Thanks to its lightness, easy cutting and handling, you can make a cover in a very short time with all guarantees.
  2. Economical solution: The Self-supporting Sandwich Panel system is affordable and has successfully passed the quality control of aluminum sheet, polystyrene foam, protective film and special adhesive.
  3. No maintenance or replacements needed: Unlike other materials such as polycarbonate or glass, closing with panel sandwich of this type does not require replacements due to stains or breakage for external causes, only requires domestic cleaning.
  4. Greater isolation: Compared to other panels of materials such as steel, polycarbonate or glass, this panel allows you to enjoy the cover all year protected against salt corrosion, noise, snow, cold, heat or rain.
  5. Attractive: The roof finish is completely smooth and flat on both sides.
  6. Bright white reflective: The lacquered of this panel gives more light to the area and the optimum use of daylight arriving by vertical walls (glass curtain, insulated windows, folding, sliding, etc.). Thus the thermal/acoustic insulation in the enclosure is preserved.
  7. Reversible Joint System: The tongue-and-groove profile of the panel makes it possible to install the panel both sides indifferently because of an impact, scratch or deterioration during installation avoiding replacement costs.
  8. Adaptability: This kind of roofing is usually installed in penthouses, restaurants and extensions to living space. It also has a system of aluminum profiles (supportive cover, gutter, gutter closing panel, downpipe) fully compatible with sliding doors, glass curtain, folding, insulated windows, etc.

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