The Veranda awning

The awnings provide greater comfort, privacy of our home and sun protection. Moreover, it is one of the most effective saving energy unlike other several thermal insulation or air conditioning system methods. Veranda awnings are practical, simple and with innovative design of materials that allows you to decide the amount of heat and light you wish to obtain. It is the perfect complement to cover wooden pergolas and glass and aluminum enclosures. The awning slides horizontally tightening the fabric using an electric motor. Veranda awnings are straightforward to operate: to extend, the awning fabric unwound from the axle at the same time the drop tube is pulled outside by a mechanical device fitted with invisible springs or tensors that are pushed along the guide rails. This spring mechanism is responsible for the maintenance and control of the optimum tension of the fabric. The Veranda awning open and fabric tensioned has a minimalist and zen appearance. All this Veranda awning system comes in a box and is always supplied with motorized system.

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