In this post we will give attention to the awnings and pergolas, this is a subject that interests a great deal, especially to those having garden or terrace.

To install an awning we should know the color, shape or inclination, also how to change the canvas, a task that can give a completely new look to our awning.

When we install an awning, it can be much easier to install without casing. In any case, we will be enabled to install lightweight awning from acrylic fabric, which, considering architecture, fabric and accessories, can be very practical and easy to handle.

For pergolas, you have to know other details, as the material you can use to build, the different types of pergola on the market, etc.

Alike, it is essential to know some tricks and tips when starting the hard work, as how to install wooden post, how to cement the pergola or how to drill on metal, basics to install an awning or pergola.

We encourage you to try awnings and pergolas by Biosttek!

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