Biosttek en Alemania

Biosttek in Germany

BIOSTTEK is very pleased to announce the signing of a contract with a German company on January 2016, under which it will market our products and services in the German market. The great acceptance of our products in a demanding and technologically advanced market like the German one, and that they have chosen to rely on Biosttek products to be our distributors in Germany, makes us proud.

At the same time, we also wish to thank Mr. Werner Holz and Mr. Manuel Medina, representatives of the Germam company, for their recent visit to our facilities. During the visit, they received training where they were provided the technical and commercial information in accordance with the philosophy and quality implicit in our company and products, and at the end, the awarding of diplomas “Installation Technician of Biosttek Products”; something that Mr. Holz and Medina deeply appreciated.<

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