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During the coldest months your business must keep running. Bad weather and wind can make you lose customers if your terrace is completely open is outdoors, since rather go to other places that have other enclosure of terraces where the inside is filled, losing the ability to enable a greater number of tables.

Also, winter and smokers’ terraces are an important trend. As soon as it is possible, we all want to sit outside. This trend is clearly visible in all cities, during the winter you can find covered terraces almost everywhere you look because people just love being outside whenever possible!. This evolution has been strongly encouraged by the ban on smoking in bars and restaurants. For any business that respects its customers, it is essential to offer smokers adequate comfort: just telling them go and stand on the street without any form of shelter is simply not an option! A good winter terrace provides protection against wind, rain and cold. But how do you make such a terrace? Where should you start?

Biosttek is the leading brand in the manufacture of aluminium enclosures with glass, polycarbonate or sandwich panel for restaurants, cafes and hotels in Spain. Biosttek enclosures systems are light but consistent. Thanks to our systems the structures are reduced to their minimum and aluminum and plates stands as the main protagonist. Biosttek systems offer to hoteliers and restaurateurs a wide range of roofs and glass curtains to acclimatize the terrace.

If you have decided to close the terrace of your business, you can choose between mobile or fixed roof and different materials, finishes and colors. On the other hand, if you want to take advantage of an outdoor terrace and integrate it as part of the bar or restaurant, your best option is to install a self-supporting roof.

Biosttek have also available domes, pyramids and pergolas that you can combine with different types of beams, finishes and accessories to create a perfect place for your customers to enjoy.

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