Kids’s bedroom decor

Key ideas to decorate a modern children’s room are functionality and design. As we all know, adolescence is one of the most complex stages of life but also the perfect time for our children to help us decorate their room. Children have the right to study, rest and play, while we must provide and respect the spaces for them to do it. Moreover, take into account their favorite colors, hobbies, sports etc.

Follow these tips and you will see that the room decor will be a success and will be their temple for shelter, study or meet friends.

Kids’ bedroom decor elements:

  • Color: This are exciting time characterized by the intensity and rebellion, so they usually choose strong and vibrant colors … also it depends on the personality and tastes. However, for example, if dark shades are chosen may include white furniture.
  • Furniture: Besides the bed, children’s bedroom furniture should have a wardrobe and a study area. Other storage elements such as shelves, bookcases, dressers or chests are of vital importance to keep the space in good order to create a suitable atmosphere to work.
  • Study area: Find a good desk (or table) and chair, should be comfortable, but not so comfortable that they lose focus or fall asleep. If natural light is available, certainly make use of it. Be aware, though, that while the natural light provided by a window can be refreshing and calming, the temptation to stare out the window may hamper their studying. Consider draperies or translucent blinds, or face away from the window.
  • Rest and leisure zone: television, computer, couch to relax with friends, etc. It is not necessary to be in the same room, even if it is, is advised to separate areas to avoid distractions.
  • Walls: with decorative vinyl, paint creative drawings, pictures, posters or paintings reflecting their personality and taste.

In conclusion, kid’s room decoration should be always on their taste and stile and trying to promote their creativity, allowing them to have their own space for leisure.

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