How to care and maintain the outside surface of aluminium roof?

Finally we have decided to install an aluminum roof on our terrace (with excellent thermal and sound insulation). Perhaps we don’t know the products to use or the best option to ensure good maintenance of our roofs. From Biosttek, we give you simple recommendations. As any material, needs adequate clinging to ensure optimum conservation and maximum durability. In general, aluminium roof offers more advantages outweigh the disadvantages as installation and maintenance is easy and quick. We recommend carry out cleaning twice a year: first one at the beginning of spring and second in late summer. The maintenance of the roof doesn’t need specific cleaning products and that´s good for the domestic economy. To clean the roof surface it will suffice to use a sponge with soap and water together with a non-corrosive cleaning product or cloth or dragging swabs in water. Furthermore, you need not rub too hard because the same results are also obtained. Regarding the thermal maintenance, especially advice people with housing first floor or any building upper floors, use white lacquered that reduces by more than 50% heat gain when the sun’s rays impinge excessively on the surface of the roof. Finally, it is very common stains yellow in these types of roofs. The best solution is to apply a cork layer projected at least 3 millimeters thick on the roof surface.

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