What is it primer coat for Aluminium?

Aluminum, known for its strength and durability can be improved with a few coats of painting to achieve the style you want in our terraces or households. First, you should take adequate protection for the task. Be sure to cover with a cloth so you do not want to stain, wear old clothes, cover your hands, wear a mask and ventilate the workplace. Painting aluminum requires a special treatment called primer. Is to apply a transparent base, which causes the painting adheres better without flaking. Previously, the area should be sanded to be treated and cleaned with alcohol wipe to remove dirt or soil. It is important to respect the drying time of the product, after dry apply a coat of painting. If you want a better finishing, the best is to use paint spray gun. If you do not have this item, use a foam roller and avoid paint brushes.If the area you want to paint is small, use spray-paint. If you want to paint directly on top of another coat is not necessary to use primer product, sand lightly to remove the painting, cleaning the surface imperfections and painting with the new color will suffice.

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