How to water your plants correctly

Watering your plants correctly to keep them growing well is the most important thing about gardening.

It is well known that too little water can cause plants to wilt and even die. But over-watering can produce similar problems as the roots rot (a problem to which young plants in pots are very prone). In addition, stress caused by irregular watering can cause some plants to bolt (run to seed). So supplying the right amount of water is quite an art and is essential to ensuring that you will get a beautiful plants and garden.

Your plants need different levels of water depending on their stages of growth, their position in the garden, the soil type, weather conditions and the variety. You should consider the position of the plants you grow. Generally, plants need watering more often if they are grown under cover or if you grow them in a flowerpot. In full sunlight, water from the soil’s surface will evaporate more quickly than in the shade.

The best time to water your plants is in the morning. This ensures the water is fully absorbed by the soil and roots. Watering in the heat of the midday sun can shock hot plants and burn their leaves. The water is also likely to evaporate rather than be absorbed by the plant.

Make sure you water your plants thoroughly. If you only sprinkle water on the soil’s surface, the plants will develop shallow root systems (which will need watering more often). A thorough soak will penetrate the soil’s surface and ensure your plant is well nourished.

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