Sliding roof provides luminosity and an effortless style to your h

Would you like to get a more luminous home, better isolated and with style? Biosttek can help you to improve your house making the most of the open spaces. These are some reasons for installing a Biosttek sliding roof:

  • You´ll be free these extra space without limits, Biosttek sliding roof opens and closes very easily, therefore match the prevailing circumstances and needs: cold wind, rain and snow but also heat and intense sunshine.
  • In addition to practical and functional, sliding roofs are professionally manufactured with the cutting edge technology and perfect finishes.
  • Biosttek sliding roofs are designed and tailored to the size and shape of your taste. They are highly customizable; you can choose also materials, colors and type of driving to give a personal touch to your home.

Biosttek offers you various options of sliding roof: Glass sliding roof: The highest range of product line offered by BIOSTTEK and the best option in terms of durability and strength in the current market. SandwichPanel /Polycarbonate sliding roof: Light cover with very accurate finishes to enjoy your terrace all year round. This is a light but hard and tough material.  All of them with different types of actuators: manual with a pole, manual with a spindle or motorized with a push-button or remote control. Additional controls, such sun, wind or rain sensors, available as options, complement the standard electric drive with convenient automatic functions.  Install a sliding roof in any open spac

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