How to clean Biosttek aluminum ro

Biosttek aluminum roofs are perfect for enjoying the outdoors and sun protection. Keep them clean and in good condition is essential to maintain a good aesthetic appearance and prolong its life. Today we will give you some basic guidelines on how to clean aluminum and ensure optimal conservation of your roof. Knowing how to clean aluminum is the key to ensure maximum durability of the aluminum roof. We suggest two cleanings per year, one in the beginning of the spring season and another one in early autumn, before beginning of the rains. Maintenance is as easy as installing the roof. In the first place, never use abrasive cleaning agents, thinners, gasoline or benzene for cleaning. For the soft cleansing of these surfaces, use water or neutral detergent wiped with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Second, you must not forget to clean the glazed area with a steam cleaning machine and a cleaning cloth. This is a good time to check the brushes; they can easily be removed from the guides and replaced by new ones. Finally, if you have a roof motorization system, you should check the proper functioning of the engine and all of its elements once a year. Innovation, development and continuous improvement of our products are main goals of Biosttek. We are specialized in manufacturing aluminum roofs, so we do feel is important to explain how to clean them for a better maintenan

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