Why to get a retractable roof by Biostt

Retractable roofs are perfect to cover inside patios, inner gardens, swimming pools… Different kind of atmospheres can be created in its peculiar structure; you can get an open or closed space, depending on your preference or need at the time. Biosttek retractable roofs adapt to your needs.

Biosttek is the leading manufacturer of glass sliding roofs, best option in terms of durability and strength in the current market, and polycarbonate sliding roofs, a light cover but hard and tough material. We give some reasons for installing a retractable roof:

  • Prevent water seepage and also facilitate natural ventilation and illumination of the covered area.
  • Very simple to install and manage.
  • Highly decorative
  • There is a choice of two drive systems: manual or motorized
  • You can use your pool all year!! Retractable roofs besides protecting the area, helps maintain and regulate the water temperature.
  • Having excellent thermal insulation properties, allow you to enjoy a terrace in all kinds of weather.
  • Noise is reduced; the annoying background noise will decrease in the enclosure and inside the house and give you more privacy.
  • That improvement is going to make add value to your property increasing the useful surface

Please do not hesitate and contact us and start enjoying of all the benefits Biosttek products offers. Click here and get your free estimate.<

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