We present a semiconductor capable of emitting monochromatic light. Traditional light bulbs have been left behind while sales of LED increases constantly. Today we give you 5 reasons why we encourage you to use LED lighting at home or workplace:

  1. Energy saving: We are currently in difficult times, where energy saving is one of the top priorities. Only a small part of the energy consumed by LED lamps is wasted emitting heat, therefore, energy saving of between 50% and 80% can be achieved with this lighting.
  2. Respect for the environment and reducing CO2 emissions: LED technology is more environmentally-friendly than conventional electricity because does not contain mercury and makes the recycling process easier. Also comply with the European RoHS polluting substances which prohibit the use of six hazardous materials in the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment such as mercury. In addition, the LED technology produces low power consumption, significant savings in CO2 emissions and sulfur.
  3. Long-lasting lighting: LED light lasts 50,000 hours, which means 3,000 hours of duration longer than a conventional bulb. This translates into a substantial savings in maintenance. Therefore, this savings makes it the cheapest and effective lighting alternative for public and large buildings.
  4. Many different colors: LED lamps can be programmed to vary tone and create effects, or simply to turn on, turn off or adjust intensity to your liking.
  5. Control of light levels: While all other lighting systems rely on reflectors to achieve disperse light, LED technology does not require such systems and the light can be directed to the area you want to light with 90% efficiency.

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