Aromatic outdoor plants

Decorate the terrace allows us to enjoy the nice weather outdoors and spend good times with friends and family. Doing it with plants and flowers, that helps to give life and joy to homes, as well as providing a lot of health benefits:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Build self- esteem
  • Absorb noxious gases
  • Reduce noise
  • Control of the humidity level

There are many plants to decorate your terrace but today we´ll speak about aromatic outdoor plants: thyme, rosemary, parsley, mint, oregano, etc. The aromatic plants have several uses, decorate, give flavor to the dishes and perfume, many of them have healing properties as well. Some plants have beneficial health properties easing digestive, respiratory, hormonal problems, etc.

Finally, Biosttek recommends a shaded area on your terrace by installing a sliding glass roof. These roofs are the highest range; high durability and low maintenance on the market. The sliding glass roofs are highly customizable; choose measures, colors and drive mode (manual or motorized). Pergolas also give you a great shadow and can be covered with vines to improve the appearance of your terrace or garden. Finishing will ensure a high level of scuff resistance and colorfastness to enhance and add value to your property.

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