Benefits of a covered terrace

When winter comes we feel that terraces of the house remain unutilized during many months of the year, therefore, the best solution to enjoy them all year is to cover the area. The benefits of covered terraces are various and great, are perfect and wonderful options to get extra space to the house, drastically raising the value of your house, reducing utility bills and reducing the risk of flooding. A covered terrace is a fantastic addition to any home able to have one.

See below the best benefits of a covered terrace:

Quick and easy installation

Biosttek roofs offer you several products to cover your terrace professionally and quickly. Our kits easy to install allows mounting a cover without works in a matter of hours of any of our aluminum roofs with glass, polycarbonate, or self-supporting panel.

Covered terraces can be designed to suit your tastes

Each covered terrace can be made to suit your personal tastes – whether you want to go modern and minimalistic or create a relaxing space. Due to the customizability of covered terraces, it is possible to have a lot of plants if you want. Biosttek has available various types of enclosures to cover your terrace: sliding roof panels, fixed roof, domes… type of drive (manual or motorized) and colors. Talk to Biosttek to flesh out any ideas you have.

Offers privacy and security

Noise is reduced by installing an enclosure not transmitting sound waves. The fuss of traffic and other annoying background noise will decrease in the enclosure and inside the house. A closed terrace provides greater security, because it reduces the risk of theft.

Covered terraces are perfect for taking advantage of the increasingly hot British weather and allow you to have deck chairs for some peaceful.

Biosttek is the leading manufacturer of roofing systems and enclosures for terraces in Spain. Biosttek will make your property stand out for all the right reasons!! [:]<

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