Revolving panoramic restaurant in Granada, Spain

The first revolving restaurant opened in 1959 in Germany and since then, almost all countries of the world has joined the fashion to have a revolving restaurant on the heights.

In the south of Spain, in Andalusia, in the city of Granada, great city attracting every year numerous tourist worldwide, is the only revolving restaurant in Spain. The Panoramic 360º is the first revolving panoramic restaurant in Spain build in June 2009. Is one of the most popular fine food establishments in Granada. With a capacity of 300 guests, cutting edge design with wonderful views of Granada city: Sierra Nevada, la Alhambra etc. That gives a particular comfortable environment and perfect place for you to eat and relax in.

The Panoramic 360º is located on the seventh floor of the Business Forum building, on a rotating floor. The rotation varies between one and three times per hour, allowing you to enjoy the view without leaving the seats. It is a circular structure consisting of a rotating platform as core. The exterior walls are made of glass so you do not miss a centimeter of the wonderful views.

In Biosttek we love the idea. It’s amazing how engineering, architecture and cuisine come together to provide a great and new experience.

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